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Give explicit feedback and track student progress

Founded by a former Head of English, Mark My Words improves feedback quality and ensures no student falls through the cracks.

Mark My Words Rocket

What if you could give feedback and track writing progress at the same time?

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Create your own marking sheets  

Develop marking sheets that respect the language of your school, and then assess these marking sheets to help you give targeted feedback and analyse performance.

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Automatically annotate typed or handwritten work

What is the value of feedback if it's out of context? We make it easy to provide annotated feedback on both typed and handwritten work. 

Annotated work

Generate specific and detailed comments

Writing detailed comments for your students can feel like soul-crushing work. As Mark My Words knows exactly what the student wrote and how you evaluated their work, it can produce contextual and targeted comments that drive the student forward.

detailed feedback

Track every skill for every student

Mark My Words helps you track writing progress across classes, year levels, and even subjects. As you spend the time marking the students' work, we automatically collate and analyse the data, guiding you to make timely interventions. 

Analyse class

 "The feedback Mark My Words helps me produce is amazing, and I love how it analyses my students' writing in the background." - Katrina, a Victorian English Teacher

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