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Improve how your school assesses practice exams 

Practice exams present a crucial chance for both students and teachers to identify areas needing enhancement, offering a meaningful way to monitor student development over time.

  • Use your own external assessors 
  • Generate whole cohort reports
  • Track improvement between mock exams

Issue 1: The logistics

Many external examiners request that papers be organised in alphabetical order. As an English teacher, we then need to sort them all out, print off a student list, and send them away. When you are managing a whole cohort, this can feel like an unnecessary waste of time. 

Issue 2: The analytics

There is so much more value to be extracted from the fact that an expert has just reviewed your papers. A comment, some annotations, and a couple of paragraphs leaves a lot on the table. Examiners can use Mark My Words to prepare extremely detailed and thorough reports for you. 


Looking for an external marker? 

Issue 4: The monitoring

Really, the role of the external examiner should be to help you track growth between key points in the year. Are your students developing as you would have liked? Have you been able to make effective interventions that address the key issues? 

Issue 3: The judgements

How does the external examiner's way of judging assessments compare to your own? Usually they are much harsher, I bet. Using Mark My Words, we can tell you exactly what to make of the perceived difference, helping you keep the results in perspective. 


What do you do after getting your mock exam results back?

Issue 5: The price

At $15 a paper for comments and a full report, schools are spending far too much on external examiners. Using Mark My Words, external examiners can get through more assessments in less time, dramatically reducing the cost. 

Issue 6: The supply

Because it takes so long to mark a class set of responses, and there are only a handful of people who are willing to take on work, there is always a mad rush to find someone to mark your papers.